For all you historic color buffs, and we know there are zillions of you, a new collection of old colors has just been added to the Spectral Library.

In 1912, Robert Ridgway self-published Color Standards and Nomenclature, a collection of over 1100 color specimens. Originally intended for use in describing natural objects, this color book was popular in many disciplines. There were 1000 copies published and we were lucky to get access to a copy.

We put our top color maniac on the job to measure all these colors. The result: the spectra for these colors are now in our Spectral Library for all to use in their studies and researches.

Note: In this age of fake news and falsified data, you may rest assured that the information on these pages has been created and verified by our crack team of L*a*b* coated boffins. If you do not find something you need, let us know. We may be able to provide it.