QPcard™ 101

The QPcard™ 101 is a gray card for calibrating digital cameras and checking exposure.


The QPcard™ 101 consists of 3 squares of ink applied to a paper substrate.

The QPcard™ 101 is 140 mm x 41 mm (5.5 x 1.625 in.). A millimeter ruler is printed along one edge.


The ink appears to be silk screen printed onto the substrate.

The paper substrate contains a fluorescent brightener but it does not appear to effect the patches.

The paper substrate is not opaque, making the choice of the backing very important since it can be expected to influence the patches.



One measurement was made for each patch from nine cards and averaged for the spectra. The measurements were made with a GretagMacbeth Spectrolino® equipped with a D65 filter. A black backing was used behind the card. The spectral data was acquired, averaged and analyzed with SpectraShop™ 2.

Updated 12.4.2007

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